This Song Submission Form is for a single Song. If your release contains more Songs, then please submit each one by one and choose the Track Order.

The Following Content will be needed.

  1. 16 bit/44.1khz WAV Audio File of the Song.
  2. 16 or 24 bit/44.1khz or 48khz Instrumental of the Song (without any vocals, Choirs, Background vocals, adlibs or else).
  3. CoverArtwork in 3000×3000 px, JPEG
  4. PR Photos in High Resolution. 
  5. Attach the signed Agreement to your upload (download here)

All Releases will be guided by the following Services

Radio Submissions

We submit your new Release to our Network of Radios. Due to different privacy policies, we can only report some of the Airplays to your weekly updated Backstage Page.

Sync & Licensing on Disco, Songtradr, Music Gateway & Co

We license and pitch your Music to our Network of Partners via our Disco Account (Music Industry #1 Tool) and provide you on your Backstage Page a easy to use way to send your Press Kit to medias, which saves you 80+$ per month. We Report Sync Briefs monthly.

Spotify Playlist Adds

We pitch your song to our Pool of Playlist Curators.

Monthly Accounting

Each Month you’ll receive a report of your Accountings of your Distribution Royalties, Which can be transferred to you at each time by Credit Card or PayPal.

Pre-Save / Smart Links

We generate for your Release a Smart Link to collect Pre-Saves/Pre-Adds.

Global Song Registration and Royalty Collection

We register your Songworks on PROs like ASCAP, BMI, PRS, GEMA … In 63 Countries instead of the Standard 25 Countries. Which allows you to receive Royalties of more Countries, which is Important in times of global streaming platforms.

Spotify Pre-Save Adds

With Our Trading Network we support you Spotify Pre-Save Campaign to amplify your Spotify Pitch and your Release.

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